blaming russia

God dammit.

I finished the above cartoon, was all set to write an article, and post it… then President T-Bag bombed a convenient military target, redirecting the media’s focus from cries of wolf about an absurdly-exaggerated Russian entanglement scandal, to cries of wolf about yet another Middle Eastern boogeyman.

Then, while I was in the middle of writing this, he bombed ANOTHER place!

Obviously, these are show bombings, meant to distract and enthrall, instead of serving any genuine humanitarian or military purpose. What else would you expect from a President who’s more brand now than man; the shoddiest construction capable of meeting lax building codes, thinly-disguised by a cheap veneer of imitation marble and faux-gold leaf?

Trump is incredibly lucky that his most powerful, well-funded, and visible political opponents are just as self-centered, insincere, and dishonest as he is; but most of them are relative neophytes to capitalizing on deranged conspiracy theories like he’s done for years, to say nothing of the decades he’s spent selling snake-oil. That’s why attempting to engage him on his own terms, using his own methods is a strategy doomed to failure; an object lesson in how arguing with idiots lets them drag you down to their level, then beat you with experience.

I’m even more confident now than I was in December that claims Russia “hacked the election” in November are ridiculous, paranoid fantasies, based on unconfirmed rumors, hasty generalizations, and outright lies, especially since some of their loudest proponents are brain-damaged lunatics, drug-addled blowhards with violent delusions of grandeur, and cheaters already known to have interfered with the election, themselves.

Neither thousands of Alex Jones wannabes nor those in the government or intelligence community tasked with investigating the matter have managed to produce any corroborated evidence, at this point. Even goalpost-shifting, overhyped attempts to prove Russia influenced the election with propaganda have instead proven themselves laughably weak.

The supreme irony is that Trump likely wouldn’t have been elected in the first place, if some of the same people currently spinning yarns about Russian hacking hadn’t helped rig the Democratic Primary for a candidate somehow even less-electable than he was.

That’s what this cartoon illustrates, by way of a running gag from the interminable newspaper strip, The Family Circus. The gag usually involves the eponymous family’s children being asked who was responsible for some kind of mess or mishap, and the children replying “not me” (or “nobody” or “ida know”), while a mischievous, so-named poltergeist, invisible to their parents, flees the scene.

Those little shits know what they did, but think they can avoid responsibility by blaming it on phantoms.


Pictured in the cartoon are Debbie Wasserman-Schultz, who presided over historic losses as chair of the DNC; Donna Brazile, who was fired by CNN for passing Hillary Clinton a cheat-sheet for one of the Democratic Primary debates; Clinton herself, whose campaign was so inept, they actually managed to lose an open election to Donald Trump; and Rachel Maddow, whose determination to injure her own credibility for ratings like a cast member of TV’s Jackass earned her inclusion here as the representative #ImWithHer corporate “news” stooge.

And of course, Vladimir Putin as the Russian scape-ghost.

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