Think of this vessel filled with magnetic liquid as a kind of super lava lamp. Instead of waiting for the slow blobs to do something psychedelic, you conduct them yourself with magnets. We’ll never be Magneto. Hell, a great majority of us will never even get to be Ian McKellen. But with this, we come just a little closer. Pick it up here $19.99.

Levitating Bluetooth Orb Speaker

Praise be The Floating Musical Orb. Hail its power and revere its crisp audio and reverberating bass. We will follow you, oh great Orb, and we will charge our phones in the outlet at your base. Spare us, for we are not worthy to house you in our living rooms for guests and followers to bask in your glory. Grab this Levitating Bluetooth Orb Speaker for $105.99.

Space Art Posters

Humans have been to space. We don’t care what some underground blog in the deep web told you, Stanley Kubrick did not fabricate the moon landing. But if he did, he definitely got it right. Boy, was that man a genius. So celebrate one of the most profound achievements or sophisticated frauds in human history by grabbing one of these space art posters for $19.95.

Science Art Posters

We know that our readers generally dig science, but if you really respect the pursuit of rational knowledge, your house should be oozing with scientific vibes. Start drinking out of test tubes. Maybe replace your bathrobe with a lab coat. But above all else, refine those academic sensibilities with these science art posters for $19.95 each.

Maglev Globe

You can complete your CEO-meets-Sharper Image vibe with this transcendent maglev globe. It levitates through the power of magnetism, and harnesses the spirit of global synergy. Best of all, it goes with any known decor, whether you live in an uptown apartment, an underground super-lair, or anything in between. Get it here for $39.99.

More! I need more!

Geez, settle down for once. The Cracked Dispensary and the Cracked Store have more great gadgets for you to experiment with, and you can find them by clicking on the links above. Just remember, if you go all “mad scientist” and plot to destroy the world, you didn’t get this stuff from us.

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