Image: Rob Liefeld via Instagram.

I’m pretty sure this is how casting for superhero movies works out, right? You get drawn as the character first, and then you sign the multi-picture deal. Either way, Cable co-creator Rob Liefeld’s take on Josh Brolin as the character is pretty damn awesome.

Liefeld shared the art on his Instagram account to celebrate the recent news that Deadpool 2 had finally found its take on the time-traveling mutant nightmare; Liefeld, of course, co-created the character with editor Louise Simonson and Todd McFarlane on New Mutants. It’s a quick doodle that makes us think that, even if you weren’t convinced Brolin had the looks (or the jawline) to play Cable at first, he definitely does now.

Presumably Cable will actually have a different costume in the film rather than a direct lift of his usual comic book look. But even then, this is our best look at what he might eventually look like when he hits the big screen… and he’s already looking rather cool.

An interesting read via io9


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