This past weekend’s episode of Star Wars Rebels may have been pretty intense, but the upcoming finale is looking bigger than anything the series has attempted in a while. Plus, lots of gooey, delicious Star Wars space battle action is always welcome.

Next week’s two-parter, “Zero Hour,” is the culmination of Grand Admiral Thrawn’s attempt to find out the location of Phoenix Squadron’s hidden base—and boy howdy, does he find it. In fact, you might even say he finds it with extreme prejudice, given the amount of Star Destroyers he hauls in tow to Atollon.

Things look pretty dire for the Rebels crew—and equally lavish, with space battles, Ezra hauling Sabine and her family into action, and even the young Jedi running around in space with his lightsaber out like he’s in an episode of Clone Wars or something.

Will they all make it out alive? Probably, they’re protagonists in a show aimed at young kids. Still, the gang’s gonna need a little bit more than the Force on their side this time to face up to Thrawn’s wrath. Star Wars Rebels’ third season concludes next Saturday, March 25.

An interesting read via io9


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