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Back in the ‘90s, the malls were packed with light-blue wash, natural-waisted, 100-percent cotton jeans. But after flares came into fashion and then the skinny jean revolution, by the mid-2000s, those old butt-elongating pants were the furthest thing from cool (unless you were 45 and drove a mini-van). In 2003, a hilarious Saturday Night Live bit lampooning the unflattering pants drove the final nail in the mom jeans’ coffin.  

Given the natural arc of fashion, over the last few years, mom jeans have made a huge comeback. After years of uncomfortable, skinny jeans that put a death grip on your crotch, the loose fit of the mom jean has come back in vogue. But a recent variation on the mom jean found in the Nordstrom catalog has people scratching their heads. Clear-knee mom jeans feature “slick plastic panels” that let women show off a little knee while still wearing long pants.

The clear-knee jeans are an odd juxtaposition because they combine the retro feel of the mom jean with plastic panels that resemble a face shield you’d wear during an Ebola outbreak. This begs the question: are the clear panels for function or simply for fashion? Twitter users have some hilarious thoughts on this new trend in women’s clothing:

The reviews on Nordstrom’s website are hilarious as well:

“I find the cut to be too straight. Mom jeans should have more room in the hips and thighs with a much tighter waistband. But they are great for gardening because who wants grass stains, just spray a little Windex, good as new. Also, great for hiking and checking your knees for tick bites along the way!”
“I always love to show off my gorgeous knees! These are fab but I think I need to see these jeans with butt cut-outs…like, for real, now.”

“Everyone know that knees are the windows to your soul. Now I have windows to my knees! Thanks, Nordstrom!”


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