Social game giant Zynga has splashed out $42.5 million in cash to pick up four apps from solitaire specialist, Harpan LLC. 

The news was quietly broken in Zynga’s recent 10-K Annual Report, with the company revealing it purchased Harpan’s game roster (shown below) on February 14. 

“We purchased Solitaire mobile game applications from Harpan LLC for approximately $42.5 million in cash,” reads the report.

“As the initial accounting for the business combination is incomplete as of the date of this filing, we will record the preliminary purchase price allocation in the first quarter of 2017.”

Harpan has released a number of games on the App Store and Google Play, all of which revolve around the card game solitaire. The two person outfit is comprised of Tim Oswald and his brother William Oswald, with the co-founders serving as CEO and CTO respectively. 

More details should be revealed when the deal is finalized later this year.

An interesting read via Gamasutra News