I want to tell you about the moment I figured out what sort of game Breath of the Wild was. There have been many moments like it since, and everybody who plays it will have dozens of their own. But this one was mine.

I’d gone defiantly off-piste in the game’s starting plateau, ignoring the critical path in favour of a free-roaming Bokoblin hunt. Ahead of me, in a skull-shaped cave, gawky monsters too tough to fight huddled around bright red barrels of gunpowder. I’ve played computer games; I know how this works. I found a rock to squat on and practice my aim. It took three or four arrows before I found that if I pointed my bow up at the skull’s eye socket I could arc a projectile square through the mouth of the cave and into one of the barrels and – nothing.

There was a distant thunk. Startled Bokoblin explored their surroundings. Their sentry looked alarmed.

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