The Bobby Throne Saves the World booth at PAX East is adorned with free coins and pamphlets, all necessary marketing materials to help spread Bobby’s important message. A boy who has approached the booth stands a less than a foot away from a large television. He’s looking at Bobby, who is in the midst of preaching to his congregation. What makes Bobby different than most televangelists is that he can interact both with his live audience, and the people watching him on TV from the comfort of their own home, with the same level of intimacy. He’s also a character in a virtual reality game, but we’ll get to that later.

The boy, staring at Bobby and his flock on the other side of the screen, asks "Are you gay?" Bobby, not missing a beat, responds "It doesn’t even matter. What matters is the Coin, and the answers it can reveal. I may be on this side of the Coin now, and you little brother may be on the other side, but remember, it’s a thin wall that divides us. Through my teachings, you may someday harness the power of the Coin, flip it and reverse it. Take solace in that, my son." The boy laughs.

From where I stand, it’s hard to tell who has the upper hand here, and which one is having more fun, the kid who thinks he’s screwing with a virtual televangelist, or the virtual televangelist who just may have found new follower.

Bobby Throne: 'As you hold the Ghost Coin in your hand, you can feel your soul wrap around it' screenshot

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